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Anna Richards




Anna is a registered counsellor and conflict coach at The Neutral Zone. Her counselling work focuses on helping individuals and couples improve their most important relationships by promoting effective communication and self-awareness. She is influenced by studies on trauma and early attachment and how they affect our relationships in the present. Anna aims to use the therapeutic relationship as a mindful, trusting, and open foundation for transformational growth. She is working towards certification as an AEDP therapist.

As a conflict coach, Anna helps clients feel empowered in challenging situations that may have previously left them feeling overwhelmed, furious, or helpless. She helps people become more effective in various counselling settings where emotional competence and collaboration are required. By highlighting existing strengths and practicing new skills, Anna helps people grow confident about their capacity to navigate difficult conversations while still getting their needs met.

Anna holds a masters in counselling psychology (MCP) from the Adler School of Psychology in Vancouver and a certificate in Conflict Resolution with a focus on third party mediation from the Justice Institute of British Columbia. She also works as a coach with the JIBC and is an AEDP Level I therapist.

Anna specializes in relationship conflict, respectful workplace issues, gender identity and sexuality, major life transitions, communication skills, trauma, anxiety, depression, and trauma-informed practice.

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