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Priya Varma


(604) 787-9923


Priya is a registered clinical counsellor with a passion for supporting individuals and couples on their journey towards mental and emotional well-being. Drawing on extensive knowledge and experience, Priya adopts evidence-based practices to guide clients through the complexities of trauma recovery, promoting resilience and empowerment. As a skilled sex therapist, Priya employs a sex-positive and trauma-informed methodology to navigate intimate challenges, facilitating not only sexual well-being but also personal and relational growth. Through open communication and understanding, Priya strives to enhance overall satisfaction and fulfillment in individuals and couples.


In addition to individual and couples therapy, Priya is a seasoned workplace consultant, bringing valuable expertise in conflict mediation and resolution strategies. With a keen understanding of the complexities within professional environments, Priya excels in fostering positive workplace dynamics and enhancing overall team productiveness. With a steadfast commitment to creating harmonious professional environments, Priya facilitates positive team dynamics and resolves workplace conflicts effectively. Whether guiding individuals through the complexities of trauma, navigating intimate challenges, or facilitating positive workplace dynamics, Priya is dedicated to helping clients navigate life's challenges and build fulfilling relationships, both personally and professionally.


Priya holds a master's degree in clinical counselling from City University and has experience with conflict resolution. Priya is a trauma-informed counsellor who specializes in couples and sex therapy, cultural oppression, trauma, anxiety, depression, and relational conflict. 

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