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HBA, C.Med, C.Arb, CFA, CDFA


Shelly McLaughlin distinguishes herself in the realm of workplace conflict resolution by not only specializing in intricate workplace investigations and human rights mediations but also by emphasizing education and empowerment. Her expertise extends to devising and implementing policies that foster respectful workplace environments and comply with human rights law. Shelly's approach transcends traditional conflict resolution; it involves transforming workplace dynamics, particularly in remedying and improving toxic environments. Her qualifications, including advanced investigative techniques and extensive education in conflict resolution, are complemented by her status as a Chartered Mediator and Chartered Arbitrator.

With a diverse background spanning over 30 years in education, business, and leadership, Shelly's journey began in the investment sector. This experience honed her understanding of organizational complexities, proving invaluable in her transition to dispute resolution. Her collaborative efforts with both private and public entities have led to constructive and lasting outcomes in challenging scenarios.

Shelly's professional affiliations with esteemed institutions like the BC Human Rights Tribunal Mediations, BC Family and Civil Mediation Rosters, WorksafeBC PAC Mediation, and the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada, underscore her widespread involvement and expertise in the field. Her educational trajectory is equally impressive, including studies at Western University and advanced certifications from renowned institutions such as the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute and the Justice Institute of BC.

Shelly enhanced her portfolio with the addition of an Advanced Investigation Techniques Certification, focusing on complex cases involving race-based issues, sexual harassment, bullying, and harassment training. This recent accomplishment further establishes her as a vanguard in her domain.

Beyond her core expertise in mediation, arbitration, and workplace investigations, Shelly is passionately dedicated to educating and inspiring others. She conducts workshops, lectures, and team-building sessions, imparting her knowledge and fostering a culture of understanding and respect in workplaces. She extends her influence beyond conflict resolution, positioning herself as not just a problem solver, but a proactive agent for positive change in the workplace. Shelly McLaughlin's role is pivotal in shaping healthy, respectful, and legally compliant workplace environments.

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