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Shelly McLaughlin


HBA, C.Med, C.Arb, CFA, CDFA


Shelly McLaughlin's journey through the realms of education, business, and leadership is marked by a rich tapestry of diverse experiences. Beginning in the investment sector, her keen business acumen laid the groundwork for a distinguished career in dispute resolution. She has adeptly navigated both private and public sectors, establishing herself as a key player in crafting positive outcomes in complex situations.

Presently, Shelly is a trusted figure on the rosters of several esteemed institutions, including the BC Human Rights Tribunal Mediations, BC Family and Civil Mediation, WorksafeBC PAC Mediation, BC Insurance Arbitration, and the Sport Dispute Resolution Centre of Canada, as well as being a member of the Association for Workplace Investigators and Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Canada. Her work also extends to the Employment and Assistance Tribunal and Property Assessment Review Panel.

Her academic pursuits began at Western University with an HBA, complemented by an internship at the International Foundation of Employee Benefits. Shelly's relentless pursuit of knowledge led her to earn the Chartered Financial Analyst certification, followed by a series of specialized qualifications. These include Conflict Resolution Certification from the Justice Institute, Restorative Justice Facilitation training with the RCMP, and Arbitration studies at Royal Roads University. Her expertise in Mediation-Arbitration was further honed through the Continuing Legal Education Society of BC. Notably, she has been distinguished as a Chartered Mediator and Chartered Arbitrator by ADRIC.

Shelly's expertise encompasses Mediation, Arbitration, and facilitated dialogues, driven by a passion for unravelling and addressing complex challenges. She specializes in workplace disputes, offering coaching, climate assessments, and conducting thorough investigations into behavioral concerns like harassment. Beyond conflict resolution, Shelly leverages her extensive knowledge to educate and inspire, through workshops, lectures, and team-building sessions. Her recent addition of Advanced Investigation Techniques Certification, focusing on complex cases, race-based issues, sexual harassment, bullying, and harassment training, further cements her role as a leader in her field.

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