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Roy Johnson
MA, C.Arb, C.Med
Past-President, Senior Consultant

Roy is co-author of the top-selling "Turning Conflict into Profit" and a founder and Principal of The Neutral Zone Coaching and Consulting Services Inc.  Roy is an arbitrator, mediator, facilitator, investigator and trainer who works with communities, families, and public and private-sector organizations. He is a national conference speaker on topics including communication, organizational change, leadership, teamwork and conflict resolution.  For over 20 years, Roy has mediated and resolved disputes ranging from interpersonal complaints to complex multi-issue conflicts.  In keynotes he presents insights gleaned from years of work in the trenches, and balances this with humour and a passion for healing broken relationships.

Roy holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Alberta and an MA from Simon Fraser University.  He also holds a post-graduate diploma in Adult Education from the University of BC along with a Certificate of Conflict Resolution from the Justice Institute of BC.  Roy is ProSci® certified, and is ADRIC certified in alternative dispute resolution.

Roy has been a member of the Police Complaints Resolution Roster, a Governor of the Justice Institute of BC, a Panel Chair of the BC Employment and Assistance Appeal Tribunal, and a Director of the Board of Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of BC, and is currently involved in strata governance in Canada and the United States.


Roy specializes in:

   - keynote addresses and training on communication and teamwork

   - leadership development

   - organizational conflict and dispute resolution and mediation

   - management consulting and executive coaching

   - bully rehabilitation

   - human rights and respectful workplace investigation


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Katya Wilson
MBA, PMP, Prosci
Director, Senior Consultant

Katya has worked as a consultant since 1992.  She has worked with a variety of small and large organizations undertaking a wide range of consulting assignments, particularly organizational change and technology projects, trainings and investigations. She has a wealth of experience in facilitation, change management, business analysis, project management,  stakeholder engagement and investigations.  As a Prosci certified Change Management consultant and a Project Management Professional (PMP) Katya integrates change management within the context of project environments.


Katya has worked with management and employee groups across a wide variety of unionized organizations including Government Ministries, Crown Corporations, Universities and Health Authorities.  She has expertise in working with large numbers of diverse stakeholders to gain agreement on requirements, address change management issues and she effectively uses the business specific knowledge of project resources to enhance project success. Katya's thorough investigation processes and cogent reports ensure due process is followed in addressing organizational issues.


Katya holds an MBA from the University of Texas and a BA in Economics from Smith College and has over 15 years of experience in corporate and small business management.   She specializes in:

   - business analysis including business cases, requirements gathering, and project and change plans

   - organizational analysis and change management

   - project management

   - group facilitation and workshops

   - investigations of allegations of conduct issues including harassment

   - strategic planning, operational planning and systems review

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Sue Wazny
MSc, Dip.Rc.Leadership, CCR
Director, Senior Consultant

Sue is a highly sought after speaker because of her energetic, humorous and engaging presentation style.  She effectively pairs the subject theory with her poignantly relevant real life examples of how she has put her teachings into practice in her daily work.  She has been an adult educator with numerous government agencies, educational institutions, social organizations and the private sector for the past 17 years.   Sue delivers entertaining keynote addresses and plenary sessions at conferences on a wide variety of topics.   Closer to home, she teaches a wide variety of courses in the areas of Conflict Management, Communication Skills and Anger, and provides keynote presentations on Management, Team Building and Leadership. For the past 12 years, Sue has been a faculty member at the Justice Institute of BC in the Centre for Conflict Resolution, and more recently for the Police Academy where she teaches a variety of courses.  In addition to her speaking engagements, Sue maintains a clinical practice which includes workplace mediation, team facilitations, performance coaching and critical incident stress management. She holds a Master’s of Science degree in Psychology, certificates in Conflict Resolution and Mediation from the Justice Institute, and is a certified Myers Briggs Type Indicator practitioner.

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Jim Skinner, BGS, CRC Q.Med.

JJim works as a trainer, coach, mediator and leadership development specialist. His practice focuses on training adult learners in skillful communication, leadership skills and conflict resolution. In addition, Jim works with teams to help them navigate through conflict productively by utilizing various team building solutions as well as using mediation when required. Jim has worked in a variety of settings including retail, manufacturing, government and higher education. Jim holds a Bachelor of Liberal & Business Studies from Simon Fraser University as well as his Graduate Certificate in Human Resources Management from Royal Roads University. In addition, Jim graduated from the Justice Institute in 2008 earning his Certificate in Conflict Resolution with specialization in both mediation and negotiation. He also works as an instructor/coach for the Justice Institute for the schools of leadership and conflict resolution. Jim brings with him a keen desire to see others succeed and to help organizations navigate through the often difficult but necessary process of change. He brings a mindful and committed approach to ensuring clients achieve the results they are looking for.

Jim specializes in:

- Leadership Development

- Conflict Resolution

- Facilitation

- Team Building

- Executive Coaching

- Human Resources Management

- Business Process Improvement

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Anna Richards
Vice-President, Registered Counsellor & Conflict Coach

Anna is a registered counsellor and conflict coach with the Neutral Zone. In her work as a counsellor, Anna aims to help individuals and couples navigate their most important relationships, be they romantic, familial, focusing on effective communication and self-awareness. Her approach is informed by studies on trauma and early attachment and how these manifest in our current experiencing of self and others. With clients, Anna aims to use the therapeutic relationship as a mindful, trusting, and open foundation from which transformational growth can take place. Anna is working towards certification as an AEDP therapist.


One of the major goals of conflict coaching is feeling empowered in the face of situations that might previously have left us feeling overwhelmed, furious, or helpless. As a coach, Anna focuses on helping clients become more effective in a range of settings where emotional competence and collaboration are required. By highlighting existing strengths and practicing new skills, Anna helps people grow confident about their capacity to navigate difficult conversations while still getting their needs met.


Anna received her masters in counselling psychology (MCP) at the Adler School of Psychology in Vancouver and a certificate in Conflict Resolution with a focus on third party mediation at the Justice Institute of British Columbia. She also works as a coach with the JIBC and is an AEDP Level I therapist.

Anna specializes in:

     - Relationship conflict

     - Workplace conflict and stress

     - Gender identity and sexuality

     - Major life transitions

     - Communication skills

     - Trauma

     - Anxiety

     - Depression

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Larry Axelrod
President, Senior Consultant

Larry is an organization and strategy consultant who provides a variety of services aimed at elevating the effectiveness and performance of individuals, teams, leaders, and organizations. Larry recently ended an 8-year tenure as Executive Dean of the Vancouver Campus with Adler University (formerly Adler School of Professional Psychology).  In this role, Larry provided overall strategic, academic and operational leadership for the Vancouver Campus and contributed to the leadership of the University as a member of its senior Leadership Team. In addition to his leadership activities, Larry developed and taught courses in Strategic Planning and Facilitation, Organizational Policy Frameworks and Dispute Resolution and Professional Development, led the development of graduate degree programs in Organizational Psychology, Community Psychology, and Public Policy and Administration, and supervised over thirty master’s research thesis projects.


Prior to forming The Neutral Zone, Larry served as the Director of the Human Rights Centre at Vancouver Coastal Health and as an Equity Advisor for the University of British Columbia. Larry has presented at many conferences on topics including human rights, diversity, leadership, change management, effective communication and conflict resolution and is co-author of "Turning Conflict into Profit: A Roadmap for Resolving Personal and Organizational Disputes," published by The University of Alberta Press.


Larry completed his B.A. in communications at University of Illinois at Urbana, his M.A. in Social Psychology at San Francisco State University, and his Ph.D. in Social Psychology at the University of British Columbia.  His studies have included a wide range of social and organizational dynamics including modes of conflict resolution, and influences of power and authority. In addition, Larry has extensive knowledge of professional ethics and served on the Vancouver Hospital Ethics Committee for six years.


Larry specializes in:

- organizational consultation

- strategic facilitation

- education and training

- direct case intervention (mediation, assessment, investigation)

p:  604.833.0893

e:   dabel@theneutralzone.ca


Dan Abel, CPHR, CEC

Dan works as a leadership/executive coach, conflict resolution facilitator, trainer and bullying and harassment investigator. His practice focuses on coaching and conflict resolution, harassment mediation and resolution, harassment investigations and management and leadership development. Dan works with individuals and teams to help them manage conflict productively. He also works with leaders who want to excel through partnering with a leadership coach. Dan has over 25 years of management and leadership experience and in the last 10 years has held senior human resource leadership roles.  Dan holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Simon Fraser University and a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching from Royal Roads University.   Dan is both a Certified Executive Coach (CEC) and a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR). Dan has completed courses through the Justice Institute of BC (JIBC) including the required courses for the conflict coaching associate certificate program.  Dan is also qualified to complete both the Myers Briggs Typology Indicator (MBTI) and the Emotional Intelligence (EQi) assessments.


Dan specializes in:

- Leadership and Executive Coaching
- Conflict Resolution
- Harassment Investigation
- Facilitation and training
- Human Resource Management
- Leadership Development

p:  778.322.4800

e:   arollins@theneutralzone.ca


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Adam Rollins
Vice-President, Consultant

Adam works as a mediator, trainer, coach, and clinical counsellor to support individuals and teams to achieve both their professional and personal ambitions. Having worked with both youth and adults in clinical and workplace settings, he brings contagious energy and creativity to all projects.


Adam holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and English Literature and a Master of Education in Counselling Psychology from the University of British Columbia. Adam obtained his Certificate of Conflict Resolution at the Justice Institute of BC with a specialization in third-party mediation. He is currently completing his Doctorate of Clinical Psychology at Adler University. Combining theory with experience managing conflict and providing psychological support, Adam is versatile in his abilities as a leader and educator.


Adam has served as president and governance chair on multiple community agency boards and he brings insight, humour, and skill to resolving issues between people and supporting those seeking to better their current situation. He currently manages The Neutral Zone’s Whistleblower protection program offering safe reporting of workplace transgressions.


Adam specializes in:
   - Organizational conflict and dispute resolution

   - Respectful workplace issues

   - Group facilitation and workshops

   - Solution-focused therapy

   - Whistleblower protection

p:  604.831.5461

e:   swilliamson@theneutralzone.ca


Sheryl Williamson

Sheryl guides community development in various informal and formal roles.  As the Chair of the West End Citizens’ Action Network, she uses her finely honed collaborative approach to seek solutions to social and neighbourhood issues and, in doing so, builds strong and enduring relationships with elected representatives, police, media, and other community leaders.  Through her vision, creativity and initiative, she has made communities safer while encouraging others to do the same.


A member of the Vancouver Police Board from 2008 until 2014, Sheryl chaired their Human Resources and Compensation Committee and also served as Vice-Chair to the Community Advisory Committee of the Downtown Community Court until 2014.  She is a member of the Safety & Security Committee of the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association.  Her commitment to successful problem-solving has also been evident in work she has done with Directions Youth Services Centre with Family Services of Greater Vancouver, Our House Addictions Recovery House and Beauty Night Society, to name a few.  Having garnered the attention of the broader community, Sheryl was nominated as one of the YWCA’s Women of Distinction (Community Building) in 2008 and received a 2011 BC Achievement Foundation award for her dedicated work in creating cohesion among the groups with which she worked.


In business, as a COO and founding partner of a small private company, Sheryl led her team to a BC Psychological Healthy Workplace Award before selling her interest so that she could focus her attention on providing insightful and intuitive facilitation to organizations, groups and individuals. 


Sheryl specializes in:

- Conflict resolution

- Facilitation

- Team building

- Whistleblower protection

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